Freitag, 27. April 2012

Working in Layers

1. Working in Layers

The first thing what i do when i start on a new artwork, either if it is a 2D or 3D work... is to look at my concept, and start to think about in how many layers i will realize my work.

Most of my works are based on 3 layers. One background layer which is mostly just a simple matte painting... one center layer which allows the viewer to discover the work and all it's detail, and one foreground layer which will lead the viewer slowly into the work, but also tells the beginning of the story i want to display. The center layer will then continue this story if necessary as also the background layer.

What also is important to mention at this point... that the concept will almost not represent the final artwork.

There are always... depending on my personal experience... changes which will just a be a private playground, as also changes depending on feedback from other persons and changes which will be the result of your working progress and maybe deadlines or personal mind changes.

The most important thing... that you stand behind it as the creator and that you are satisfied with the result.

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